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 Y6 Literacy Mid-Year Vacation Pack Journal Responses

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PostSubject: Y6 Literacy Mid-Year Vacation Pack Journal Responses   Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:55 pm

Note: Journal assignments are to be completed in Journal Notebook.

1. I think football matches are extremely boring. Convince me that this not the case. Use persuasive writing techniques discussed previously in class. Remember to use powerful verbs, promises, complimentary language and plenty of descriptors Write one paragraph (6 sentences)

2. Write about what would happen if you brought Alex Rider home for dinner. Describe the dinner discussion in two paragraphs (total 12 sentences minimum). Be sure to use plenty of descriptors, complex sentences and conjunctions.

3. What surprised you about the description of Mr. Blunt? How does the physical description match his name (Stormbreaker, page 8-9)? Write a minimum of one paragraph. Use proper punctuation and writing conventions.
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Y6 Literacy Mid-Year Vacation Pack Journal Responses
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