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Ms. Harkin

Ms. Harkin

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PostSubject: Sorry no printer again....   Sorry no printer again.... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 7:44 pm

March 1st
Weekly Assignments

Literacy: Spellings.
Literacy: Spellings.
Grammar practice – ‘C and C clusters’ pg 59 Developing Literacy, Word level. Children should read and follow instructions supplied. The second part of the worksheet should be done in their Literacy book. They should collect and stick pictures in their literacy book with words beginning with Cl, Cr and C. They should date and title the pages, making it clear which page are for what letters.
Literacy: Spellings.
Pg. 3o – Children should complete worksheet.
Humanities: Pg. 36 – Children should name the different objects and draw a picture of the item used now
Literacy: Spellings.
Research two common children plays, for example, ‘The wizard of oz’ This is a popular school play to perform. How many main characters does the play have?
Humanities: Describe your own bath routine. (This should be written in your Humanities book. Don’t forget the date and title ‘Bath time’.)
Literacy: ORT reading book and comprehension.

Completed at school:

Literacy: Children will have completed a variety of different tasks including; Retelling a story, acting out a play, rewriting a play script, grammar word beginnings, role play, and improvisation.
Science: Identifying use of a magnet, looking at waterproof materials and it properties, deciding what materials are best for a specific use, investigation into materials.
History: Naming and labeling different types of housing and finding out about the way of living in the more distant past.
Geography: Recording thoughts and feelings and introducing the phrase leisure and its meaning.
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yousuf magdy omar

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PostSubject: Re: Sorry no printer again....   Sorry no printer again.... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 10:01 pm

Dear Ms. Harkin
yousuf doesn't have a developing literacy book.
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