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 Nour's Homework While in Finland (absent students)

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PostSubject: Nour's Homework While in Finland (absent students)   Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:50 pm

Review Introduction to Genres and A Well Written Paragraph handouts

In Vocab/Lit notebook. Answer the this question in paragraphs.

Do you find one of the themes of the novel to be either an optimistic view of human nature or a pessimistic view of human nature?

Find 5 examples from the novel to support your view

Paragraph 1: Discuss how buildings are ruins. Select quotes from p. 27 to support your opinion.
Paragraph 2: Discuss how the River Thames is slow. Find quote in Chapter 4.
Paragraph 3: Discuss the simplemindedness of the Eloi. Find 3 quotes on p. 23
Paragraph 4: Describe the brutishness of the Morlochs. Find quotes from the novel.
Paragraph 5: Describe the sun. “The ruddiness of the sunset set me thinking of the sunset of mankind.” P. 27

Include Introductory and Concluding paragraphs. Paragraphs are 4-6 sentences in length.

We discussed parts of the “assessment” today in class.

Good luck with competition!
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PostSubject: Geography   Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:54 am

Dear Nour,

1. Review A Very Good Map, Map Uses and Parts handouts
2. Review Rivers Handouts (was for the cancelled field trip)
3. Review World Watch pgs 2-7
4. Review "How Stuff Works" website http://videos.howstuffworks.com/howstuffworks/236-how-earthquakes-work-video.htm
5. Please find attached your Geography study Guide

Homework: Read http://www.waterfootprint.org

Y6 Geography

Teacher: Ms. Batte
Term 1 Exam Study Guide

Please remember that this exam is an evaluation of what you have learned during the term, all material has been taught in class. Students are expected to review the material to refresh their memories.

SUBTOPICS WHERE TO STUDY FROM (Pages in book, worksheets, notes, etc)
Map Uses and Skills A very good map, uses and features Ms. Batte’s Handouts
Places and Landmarks Where in the world Ms. Batte’s Handout
Physical features: Landforms and Bodies of Water Terms and examples Ms. Batte’s Handouts, notes in Humanities Notebook
Erosion Rivers and Valleys Field Trip Handouts
Our Restless Earth Unit 1 World Watch 4, p.2-7, Earthquake Internet site, notes in Humanities Notebook


Type of Questions: MTC, True/False, Fill-in-the Blank, Reading Comprehension (Our Restless Earth), Short and Long answer questions on Map Uses, Skills, Physical Features and Erosion

Number of each type of question: 30 Marks MTC, 20 marks T/F, 10 marks Fill-in-the Blank, 20 marks Short Answer, 10 arks Reading Comprehension (Our Restless Earth), and 10 marks listening comprehension (Internet and teacher source)
Writing is to be done in sentences using proper writing conventions.

Items needed for exam: 100 minutes, blue pen
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Nour's Homework While in Finland (absent students)
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