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 EID English Assignment: Essay on The Time Machine

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PostSubject: EID English Assignment: Essay on The Time Machine   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:14 pm

The Time Machine Essay
Due Date: December 6

Just as a writer develops a story around a theme, an essayist (in this case, you) develops an essay around a central idea. Every paragraph and sentence of an essay contributes to conveying this central thought to readers. This makes an essay different from a reflection, journal entry, or a personal letter, all of which may be free flowing and do not require the kind of unity that an essay needs.

An essay usually begins with a statement of the central idea you wish to convey. This is called the thesis sentence. The following paragraphs, organized in an order that makes sense for the particular idea you are developing, support the central idea, referring back to it as necessary. These paragraphs contain specific examples and quotations from the text. The final paragraph often summarizes the evidence and restates the central idea. The title you choose should also relate to your central idea.

The organization of the body of your essay will vary. You can choose to move chronologically through the story (in the order that events occur). You may want to move chronologically through the development of your ideas or impressions as you were reading (start with the first idea you had, move on to the second, and so on), or you may want to put your ideas in order from what you think is the least important point to that which is the most important point. All of these organizations are correct; you just need to decide which one you like the best.


Your task is to write an essay on the following topic, or one of your own. If you choose to invent your own topic, make certain to check with me before beginning. Be sure to follow the tips outlined in “Writing in English”: brainstorm, complete the essay organizer, write a first draft, and keep all of your edited work in a separate file.

The late 19th century was a time when many people believed that progress, especially technological progress, could solve many of humanity's seemingly intractable problems, such as disease, hunger, violence, and exploitation. Wells, a devotee of science, seemingly endorses this view at the beginning of The Time Machine, as the Time Traveller, an inventor, creates a machine that travels in the fourth dimension. However, as the story continues, readers see that the protagonist discovers a future in which the only thing that has progressed is humanity's savagery and the widened gap between the “haves” and the “have-not.” Using supporting evidence from the novel demonstrate this reality. Be sure to discuss the blurred line between good and evil (the Eloi and the Morlocks) as discussed in class.

Minimum length: 2 pages, single spaced, 11 pt. font. Include a bibliography

Remember to have introductory and concluding paragraphs and follow writing conventions.
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EID English Assignment: Essay on The Time Machine
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