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 Spelling Words from Geography Handout

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PostSubject: Spelling Words from Geography Handout   Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:12 pm

Dear Students,

You know the procedure. Take the list of Geography words I gave you last week and write a sentence demonstrating your word comprehension in your Vocab/Literature notebook.

Study Week 4 words as well. You will have two Spelling Quizzes upon return to school.

Just in case you lost it, here they are again:

Headland – where cliffs jut out into the sea
Arch – a gap or opening under a cliff
Beach – an area of sand and/or pebbles on the seashore
Cliff – a steep or vertical rock face
Coast – where the land and sea meet
Stack – a column of rock surrounded by the sea
Bay – a sheltered beach
Tide – the rise and fall of the level of water in the sea
Spit – a bank of sand or pebbles
Estuary – the place where a river widens when it reaches the sea
Delta – flat land at the mouth of a river
Gorge – a deep, narrow valley
Marsh – soft wet land
Meander – a large bend in a river
Source – place where a river begins, such as a pool, marsh or underground spring
Waterfall – where a river flows over a cliff or steep rocks
Tributary – a stream or river that flows into a larger river
Flood plain – flat land that floods when the river is high
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Spelling Words from Geography Handout
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