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 Y6 Spot the Genres - Homework Book

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PostSubject: Y6 Spot the Genres - Homework Book   Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:52 pm

Alia had concerns. Fairly easy really. Ask yourself what defines different genres.

Look at the narrative. Write what genre you think it is. And list words why. For example:

Brad was trapped in the beam. It was as if the aliens had made a wall of light around them…Science Fiction

- aliens, planet Earth, trapped in a beam

The thunderstorm had been raging all night and Cathy couldn’t sleep. She looked at her alarm clock…
Stories with Familiar Settings

- thunderstorm, couldn’t sleep, alarm clock, dog Frosty

The old wizard’s words washed round his mind as he felt the soft pulsating warmth of the amulet that hung around this neck…

-wizard, amulet, ancient tomb

Once upon a time there were three sisters who lived in a cottage deep in the forest…
Fairy Tale

-intro sentence, wicked stepmother, recurrence of “3” in this case, sisters

Stop worrying, my plan is to review everything that was assigned to you upon return to school.
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Y6 Spot the Genres - Homework Book
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