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 The Stormbreaker: Drawing a Conclusion

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PostSubject: The Stormbreaker: Drawing a Conclusion   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:58 am

Lesson/Task 1:
a) Reread Chapter - The School Bully

b) Discuss with your group the themes and add to our “Iceberg” for Herod Sayle. Has your opinion of him changed? How…in what ways? Provide examples from the novel including quotes and page numbers. You will likely need them for the essay. Record these in Vocab/Lit notebook.

c) Recap features of play-scripts. Note: Term 3 – Much Ado About Nothing

Task 2:
a) Write a play-script of part of chapter The School Bully
b) Make opportunities for “A Critical Friend” to help improve your work (peer-editing)
c) Rehearse your script. You are not permitted to read.

This assignment is weighted as an Application Grade (30% of Term 2 Literacy).

Task 4:
Alex receives a letter from Wolf asking how he is. Write a letter from Alex to Wolf telling him how he stopped Herod Sayle (remember to write in role; pretend you are Alex and explain what happened). Minimum 250 words.
Task 5: Reflections
a) How did Alex Rider’s character evolve? What helped him change?
b) Organise thoughts into spider diagram
c) Write a character review on Alex Rider. Show how he changes and develops.
d) Include all parts of your writing process. Minimum 250 words on A1 paper.
Task 6: Projections

a) What do you think will happen next?
b) Recap key moments of book in a table.
c) Explain which was our favourite and why.
d) Include all parts of your writing process. Minimum 250 words on A1 paper.
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The Stormbreaker: Drawing a Conclusion
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