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 The Stormbreaker Chapters Five and Six Questions

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PostSubject: The Stormbreaker Chapters Five and Six Questions   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:55 am

Task 1:
a) Read chapter 5. Why weren’t the men particularly overjoyed to see Alex when he joined K unit?

b) Why was Wolf hostile towards Alex?

Task 2:
a) Imagine you have Wolf’s email address. Write an email (in Vocabulary/Literature notebook) advising him why he should not be hostile towards Alex. Write in a chatty, friendly style. Explain what has happened to Alex. Explain how Wolf could help Alex in his training.

b) Now write Wolf’s reply. Minimum 100 words.

Lesson/Task 3:
a) Recap gadgets made for Alex. We are going to look at how he used the gadgets.

b) In groups each group will look at a particular gadget and how Alex used it. You will explore gadgets as whole group to start then break off to explore a particular gadget. Work collaboratively to organise presentation and explain which gadget they feel Alex found the most useful and why. Minimum 250 words.

c) Prepare presentation for class on how gadget was used.

d) Complete Group participation rubric.

Task 4:
Complete BE INVENTIVE Individual assignment (see handout) – Design your own piece of equipment for the teen spy Alex Rider.

Task 5:
Read the quote below. Write a paragraph in your vocabulary/literature notebook what the sentences means to you.
Quote: "The thought of jumping out of a plane an oversize silk umbrella would have made Alex sick with fear- but only that morning he had been told that he wouldn’t in fact be jumping." (p.74)
--Stormbreaker by A. Horowitz.
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The Stormbreaker Chapters Five and Six Questions
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