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 Want to work ahead? Stormbreaker Ch 3 and 4 Questions

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PostSubject: Want to work ahead? Stormbreaker Ch 3 and 4 Questions   Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:47 pm

The Stormbreaker Chapters Three and Four Questions

Task 1: Due Date: __________________

a) Read chapter 3 and 4. Take notes in Vocabulary/Literature notebook describing how Alex is feeling as you read.
b) Bring these notes and the novel to class.

Lesson/Task 2: Due Date: __________________

a) As a class we will recap the events of chapters 3 & 4. Be prepared to share your notes.
b) Recap Alex’s feelings at pivotal moments. Think, pair, share - discuss reasons for his actions with your partner.

Task 3: You are going to analyse the character of Alex Rider. Using a grid with these headings and quotations from the novel, complete the grid. Include page numbers.

 What Alex looks like
 What Alex does
 What Alex says
 What other people say about Alex

Task 4: Read the quote below. Write a paragraph in your vocabulary/literature notebook what the sentences means to you.
Quote: "Herod Sayle was born in complete poverty in the back streets of Cairo. His father was a failed oral hygienist. His mother took in washing. He had nine brothers and four sisters, all living together in three small rooms along with the family goat. Young Herod never went to school and he should have ended up unemployed, unable to read or write, like the rest of them." (p.44)
--Stormbreaker by A. Horowitz.
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Want to work ahead? Stormbreaker Ch 3 and 4 Questions
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