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 Ch 1 Questions Stormbreaker Novel

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PostSubject: Ch 1 Questions Stormbreaker Novel   Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:51 pm

Egyptian British International School
English Department Year 6

The Stormbreaker Chapter One Questions

Task 1: Answer the questions in complete sentences in Vocab/Lit book.

1. What do we mean by genre?
2. What genre do you think Stormbreaker is and why? (Self, Pair and Share)
3. Make a spy genre checklist. - typical items needed e.g. goodies, baddies, gadgets, typical plot. Add to Literacy Working Wall
4. What is the setting at the beginning of the novel? How do we know? Find descriptions of setting.
5. The title of the chapter is Funeral Voices – what do you expect the chapter to be about?
6. How does the author hook the reader into the story?
7. Are there any clues or hints so far?
8. What themes are there?
9. What are our impressions of the characters we have met so far? What do we think about Alex Rider?

Task 2: Due Date: __________________

a) Make notes about Alex Rider on a flip chart.

b) Make notes about Alex Rider and how he is coping with the death of his uncle

Task 3: Write a paragraph explaining what would you do if you were Alex? Minimum 6 sentences. Use Vocab/Lit notebook.

Task 4: Read the quote write a paragraph what it means to you.
Quote: "Ian Rider had gone and so had everything else. The desk drawers, the closets, the shelves…anything connected to the dead man’s work had been taken. Whatever the truth was about his uncle’s past, someone had just wiped it out."
--Stormbreaker by A. Horowitz.
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Ch 1 Questions Stormbreaker Novel
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