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 french exam

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Ziad Khaled

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PostSubject: french exam   Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:43 pm

dear mdme khalel
Ziad told me he got a very bad mark in his exam and that you shouted at him infront of his friends and accused him of not studying but only playing, i don't think that what happened as i'm studying with ziad and we revised the lessons and the revision sheets you sent home during the last vacation, besides sometimes ziad return home do not know how to pronounce or read words in french, so are we as parents suppose to be aware of all the languages so as fill the school gap? I know french from my study at school but that was long time ago and i can recall some and others i com't so first of all it was not wise to do that to ziad in front of his friends and second we studied third and last it's the teacher duty to make sure that all her students understand the lesson before leaving class and do not depend on home ya sitty pretend we are ignorant parents so you have to double check that lesson is understood instead of insulting ziad and accusing him.
Ziad's mum
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french exam
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